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The UK holds enough shale gas to power the entire country for over two years alone at the most conservative estimates and, combined with existing energy supplies, enough to meet the UK’s needs for decades. As well as gas, there are also significant oil reserves in the deposits which underlie huge parts of the UK; from Southampton to Edinburgh and The East Midlands to Ireland. With the latest fracking technology at the industry’s fingertips, the question everyone is now asking is how exploitable is UK shale gas and how much will it cost to recover?

With North Sea production in terminal decline, onshore unconventional gas and shale oil basins in the UK hold the potential to continue Britain’s traditionally high national hydrocarbon production, meeting demand for electricity production and energy consumption. As exciting as the potential is however, significant challenges still stand in the way of emulating the fantastic per-well success seen in North America. Although the geology in certain areas of the UK is well known, the shales have largely been overlooked by previous onshore explorers targeting conventional reservoirs. However now, geochemical, petrophysical and geomechanical characteristics are being finally being examined with rigour ; the latest data on which is being presented at the Britain’s first congress dedicated to development of the onshore shale gas and oil potential of the UK.

The UK Shale Summit will took place on September 26-27 in London and brough together operators, regulatory bodies and the latest academic research to collectively assess how to develop and exploit the resources in place. Over two days, the latest exploration results, reserve estimates, environmental impact data and geological findings were addressed to determine the costs of exploitation and the feasibility of operating within onshore UK shale basins.

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To quantify the true potential of British shale gas and oil and determine the feasibility of operating in UK basins…

…assessing the latest geological data, reserve estimates, recoverability costs and the regulatory framework is vital. With new technology ready to exploit the large onshore reserves, understanding the petro-geology, examining how to manage environmental risk and enhance ability to hydraulically frack is key to the long-term development of shale resources in the UK.

The UK Shale Summit is the first conference providing practical solutions and strategies for quantifying the costs of recovery and enabling operators to develop the onshore shale gas and oil that could be vital in enhancing the UK's energy portfolio and reducing import-dependence. Matching North America’s per-well production success is the goal, but operating in a smaller more densely populated area, with strict environmental regulations presents significant challenges and operators are seeking solutions to address local planning authority and public  concerns.

Britain’s first congress dedicated to development of the onshore shale gas and oil potential of the UK will be bringing together leading onshore operators, regulatory bodies and academic experts to present the latest exploration research and results and develop stakeholder-wide solutions for developing this incredible opportunity. It is a must-attend event for all parties with an interest in UK energy with learning outcomes including...

GEOLOGY: Breaking down the geological, geophysical and petrophysical characteristics of unconventional hydrocarbon-bearing regions of the UK to quantify recoverability of reserves

SEISMICITY: Examining the usefulness and reliability of seismic modelling in characterizing reservoirs and identifying sweet spots to determine whether it is worth the investment

COMPLETIONS TECHNOLOGY: Examining the latest cutting edge technology that can be applied to develop optimal recovery completions strategies in UK shales

REGULATORY FRAMEWORK: Assessing the national and local regulatory licensing frameworks to assess how to overcome operating challenges unique to the UK

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Examining the latest environmental regulations and how E&P companies can mitigate environmental impact to win operating acceptance in local communities

PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE: Examining how the industry can collectively utilise facts and science to develop an effective media, stakeholder and community relations strategy for overcoming hydraulic fracturing concerns and consequently, attaining operating permits

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